Press release

EX-Fusion establishes an Australian subsidiary, EX-Fusion Australia Pty Ltd

EX-Fusion Inc. (CEO: Dr Kazuki Matsuo, hereinafter referred to as “EX-Fusion”) has established EX-Fusion Australia Pty Ltd, and the start of its business operations in Australia.

With the urgent need for energy supplies that do not emit greenhouse gases, laser fusion is highly regarded both domestically and internationally as a sustainable energy source. The technology is expected to make an important contribution to decarbonization in the long term due to its ability to flexibly respond to base and peak load fluctuations in the power supply grids.
With the Japanese government’s “Fusion Energy Innovation Strategy” formulated in April 2023, the environment has been created to accelerate the research and development of fusion energy in Japan. As international competition intensifies, the independent development and utilization of a unique set of fusion technologies will become increasingly important.
Australia has been a long-time friend of Japan and a long-term partner with whom Japan has strong ties. In recent years, Australia has been investing heavily in the development of technologies such as new energy and space, and EX-Fusion has decided to participate in the Australian market to be at the centre of these technological innovations.

2. Objectives
EX-Fusion Australia Pty Ltd. will be established in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, a hub for pioneering companies, exciting new industries, and a progressive and prosperous society in Australia.
– Strengthening local responsiveness: By immersing itself in the Australian market and directly understanding local characteristics and needs, EX-Fusion Australia Pty Ltd. will be able to develop its business more quickly and effectively.
– Expanding technological collaboration: In recent years, Australia has been investing heavily in development in technological fields such as new energy and space. EX-Fusion will work with Australian companies to further develop laser applications and technology in the Space sector and other industries.
– Market Expansion Opportunities: Australia is an economically mature market with growing demand for many new technologies and products. By establishing a subsidiary, we will expand our access to new markets and customer segments and increase business opportunities in new product development for greater global markets.

3. Details
Name :EX-Fusion Australia Pty Ltd
representative :Dr Kazuki Matsuo, Mr Mack Wilson
Business :High Power Laser Application
Date of Establishment :October 2023
Major shareholders and their shareholding ratios :EX-Fusion wholly owned subsidiary
100% subsidiary of EX-Fusion

4. Future Plans
In Australia, EX-Fusion will focus its business development efforts particularly on the application of laser technology. In the space sector, the laser control systems developed by EX-Fusion will play a central role with respect to laser communications and the capture and removal of space debris using lasers. We are also looking to develop applications for lasers themselves that have high market potential.